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When interviewing a candidate for a CEO role, it is important to not only ask about the company’s core business, but also include questions about the individual’s day-to-day responsibilities and management style. In order to get a good sense of how an individual handles detail, ask them about a specific example from their past. In this blog post, we will discuss how to question a candidate about detail in an interview, and provide an example question that relates to Nvidia Corporation.

Nvidia news

Nvidia CEO Christian Tegner discusses the company’s upcoming ARM architecture, the Tegra 10 SoC, and how Nvidia plans to address market competition. Tegner also shares his thoughts on the tablet market and what Nvidia expects from it in the future.

Nvidia has been making big moves in the ARM architecture space with their Tegra 10 SoC. Tegner says that Nvidia is “very excited” about this new platform and believes that ARM will play a significant role in future mobile devices. Tegner goes on to say that Nvidia is working hard to make sure that its products are the best options for Android developers and end users alike.

Tegner also discussed Nvidia’s tablet ambitions in some detail. He says that tablets have become an important part of daily life for many people, and he expects this trend to continue. Tegner predicts that tablets will eventually take over as main computer platforms for a wide range of users.

Interview with CEO Cristiano Nivola

CEO Cristiano Nivola discusses the company’s history and current product line. Nvidia is a leading provider of Tegra processors for mobile devices, and its GPUs are used in gaming platforms, automobiles, advanced robotics, drones and other fields. The company also provides cloud-computing services and has been involved in numerous research projects.

Nvidia was founded in 1993 by Jen-Hsun Huang, with the goal of providing the highest-quality graphics chips for personal computers. In 1999, it merged with ATi Technologies to form Nvidia Corporation. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to include Tegra processors for mobile devices, GPUs for gaming platforms, automotive electronics, advanced robotics and drones, as well as cloud-computing services. The company has been involved in numerous research projects including work on deep learning and self-driving cars. In 2016, Nvidia acquired MobilEye for $3 billion.

Nvidia Arm technology

Nvidia Arm technology is a new architecture that uses a 64-bit processor and can handle more than 10 trillion operations per second. This makes it perfect for devices such as self-driving cars, drones, and other high-performance applications.

The benefits of using Nvidia Arm technology include its fast performance, low power consumption, and ability to handle large volumes of data. This makes it an ideal choice for devices that need to perform efficiently and quickly.

The key to successful implementation of Nvidia Arm technology is understanding the needs of the specific application. If you can identify these needs early on, you can design your system around them and achieve maximum performance.


In conclusion, Cristiano Nivola’s detailed interview provides valuable information for anyone looking to land a position in the corporate world. Whether you are a current or potential employee looking to learn more about what it takes to be successful in today’s competitive job market, this interview is important reading.

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