Kimber 1911 Custom: 5 Fast Facts You Must Know

Kimber 1911 is one of the most popular and well-known 1911 pistols on the market, and for good reason. Not only does it have a great design, but it’s also incredibly reliable. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with 5 fast facts about the Kimber 1911that you must know if you’re considering buying one.

What is the Kimber 1911 Custom?

Kimber 1911 pistols are some of the world’s most famous and popular handguns. They offer a unique combination of performance, style and value that has made them some of the most popular handguns on the market.

The Kimber 1911 was first introduced in 1985 and quickly became one of the company’s most popular firearms. The 1911 Custom is based on the original Colt 1911 pistol but has been modified to improve its performance.

Some features that make the Kimber 1911 special include its crisp trigger pull and smooth handling. The pistol also has a Recoil Reduction System that helps reduce recoil by as much as 50%.

The Kimber 1911 is known for its beautiful walnut grips and stainless steel slide. These firearms are often custom ordered with various finishes, including polygonal rifling and Cerakote.

So if you’re looking for a handgun with impressive performance and style, look no further than the Kimber 1911 Custom.

Key Features of the Kimber 1911 Custom

The Kimber 1911 is a premium, full-size handgun designed by Bob Smith and built in the U.S.A. It is available in .45 ACP, .38 Super Duty, or 9mm Luger. The 1911 Custom features features not typically found on other handguns, such as an ambidextrous safety, reversible magazine release, and beavertail grip safety. Additionally, it has a flared magwell for fast reloading and is equipped with adjustable sights.

The Kimber 1911 also has several unique features that set it apart from other handguns. For example, the pistol’s frame is made from forged aluminum alloy, giving it a strong yet lightweight construction that makes it easy to handle and shoot. Additionally, the 1911 Custom’s slide is stainless steel to minimize wear and tear and its barrel is cold hammer-forged for precision accuracy.

Overall, the Kimber 1911 is a high-quality handgun that provides shooters with many valuable features not found on other handguns. It is perfect for those who are looking for a gun that offers exceptional performance and durability

What’s Included with the Kimber 1911 Custom?

The Kimber 1911 is a high-end, custom-made handgun with various features and customization options. Some features included with the 1911 Custom include a match grade barrel, flared muzzle, extended slide stop, and beavertail grip safety. Additionally, the handgun can also be customized with different grips and finishes.

Regarding performance, the Kimber 1911 is exceptionally accurate and reliable. Many professional police officers consider it one of the most accurate handguns on the market. Additionally, due to its custom build and unique features, the Kimber 1911 is also very durable

How Much Does the Kimber 1911 Custom Cost?

Regarding custom pistols, the Kimber 1911 is at the top of many shooters’ list. With a wide variety of options and prices to choose from, how much does the Kimber Custom cost?

The base price for a Kimber 1911 starts at $2,295. This includes your choice of grip style, slide finish (matte black or stainless steel), sights (fixed or adjustable), and caliber (9mm, .40 S&W, or .45 ACP). You can also customize your pistol with add-ons such as grips and barrels.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Kimber 1911, you can find options starting at $1,695. These upgrades include alloy frames (not available with stainless steel slides), upgraded internals (including firing pin and recoil spring), advanced optics gripping systems, and more.

So how much does a Kimber 1911 cost? It depends on what you want to add to your gun and how much it costs.

Is the Kimber 1911 Custom a Good Gun?

The Kimber 1911 is a full-sized, autoloading handgun that Kimber has made since 1987. It is available in a wide variety of calibers and finishes, and has been praised for its accuracy and durability. The Kimber 1911 retails for around $1,000-$1,400.


If you’re looking for an all-around great handgun, the Kimber 1911 is hard to beat. Here are five fast facts that will give you more insight into this amazing firearm.

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