Very Interesting Online Poker Statistics to Know

The nature of poker has changed a lot since playing slot Thailand online. In the past, Texas Hold’em poker players relied heavily on raw skill, instinct and the ability to read other players to manipulate and bluff their way to victory. This started to change when players began to move to the virtual poker tables instead of the real poker tables, especially after Chris Moneymaker won the 2003 WSOP.

People were starting to think if their relatives like him could make it big via satellite tournaments on the Internet, maybe they could too. This sparked the first poker boom of the 21st century, with millions of players worldwide signing up for online poker. Players soon realized that they could use digital technology to statistically track the performance of themselves and other players.

Statistical analysis has become even more important with the use of poker trackers, HUD (heads-up display) and equity calculators. As analysis became more complex, statistically based Game Theory Optimization (GTO) became mainstream, and WSOP champions such as Daniel Negreanu adopted a new style. When you log into an online poker room today, chances are one or more of your opponents will be analyzing your HUD statistics. The good news is that you can also use HUD statistics.

Voluntary Potting (VPIP)

Setting aside forced bets like the big blind, small blind, and antes, how often do you voluntarily put money into the pot before calling the flop? The answer is every time you call, bet or raise. This is your VPIP percentage. A high VPIP indicates loose hand selection preflop, while a low VPIP indicates tight hand selection preflop.

As a general rule, a VPIP of 15-20% (assuming a full ring table of nine) denotes a hard-core player only risking money on a game of Texas Hold’em poker when they have suitable cards in their hand. A player with a VPIP of 20-27% is most likely an experienced player who knows when to open his range. A very high VPIP indicates a loose and aggressive player who can be reckless but also very skilled. Be careful!

Pre-Flop Raise (PFR)

How often do you raise before you see the flop when you play live poker online? A player’s PFR percentage indicates how aggressive his style is. High values indicate aggression, low values indicate passivity. A player’s minimum PFR is 0% and the maximum is equal to his VPIP. A high PFR percentage indicates a good player. This is because weak players and rookies call pre-flop very often, whereas good players mostly fold and raise.

What Are Some Interesting Online Poker Statistics to Know?

The ideal PFR value is 2-3% lower than VPIP. If you notice that a player has a VPIP of 15% and a PFR of 12% you can take this as an indication that he is playing textbook poker at a high level of mental toughness. In other words, they only play strong hole cards and raise often before the flop.

Using Your Opponents’ Poker Statistics

One of the primary situs togel roles of the poker HUD is to analyze and exploit other players’ leaks. Let’s look at some hypothetical scenarios. Let’s say you’re playing Carlos the Constrictor (he’s named after his style because he’s so strict.) Carlos’ stats are 5% VPIP, 5% PFR, and 100% Agg. His super-low VPIP says Carlos has folded everything but the strongest Texas Hold’em poker hands, such as ace-ace, king-king, and queen-queen.

Carlos’ PFR is the same as his VPIP, indicating that he raised when he received this trick.  If you are not holding the best hand and Carlos raises and the move comes to you, you must fold every time. We are playing very close to Carlos. Then there is Chicken Chad, which has 20% VPIP, 16% PFR, and 10% Agg. Chad’s VPIP indicates his pre-flop play is solid.

But his low Agg indicates he tends to be passive on the flop (hence his nickname). As a result, there’s a good chance Chad will let you check it out: the next two streets are free. If you raise post-flop, he may even pass. The proper way to treat a shy player like Chad is to play more aggressively before and after the flop.

VPIP/PFR Poker Tournament Tips

VPIP and PFR tend to differ greatly in online poker tournaments depending on how the tournament is structured and what stage the tournament is in. Multi-table tournaments (MTTs) with thousands of players usually start with a large deck and relatively small blinds, resulting in statistically tighter-than-average results even with the best players. As the blinds increase, the game becomes more aggressive and the statistics looser.

At the next stage, the antennas come into play. To prevent these forced bets from depleting their deck, players will open up their range and relax their stats. Keeping track of winning statistics from the beginning to the end of an online poker tournament is a useful exercise. Doing this is a good way to improve your poker skills.

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