Are Attention Spans Too Short for Long-Form Content?

Do you know that online visitors have a very short attention span? Most online users like to scroll pages very quickly. They do not have the patience to go through long content to find the solutions to their queries. Only catchy content has the power to retain their attention for long. So, will the long-form content fail to engage the audience with a short attention span?

Is it attention or distraction? Which is the main problem?

Experts claim that the major issue is not about the lack of consistent attention. The presence of multiple distractions causes visitors to leave the page without consuming the content.

The increasing popularity of Instagram and TikTok has created an impression that modern internet users have less attention span. However, the most significant fact is that they regularly come across a vast amount of bite-sized content with the power of hooking their interest.

The biggest challenge for marketers and brands is to capture and hold readers’ attention.

Long-form content will not lose the value

You can find strong evidence showing the chance of survival of long-form content. The best-quality long-form articles may outrank their shorter counterparts. They receive more links and social shares indicating high engagement of the target audience. 

Podcasts are highly popular in recent years, as many online users like to listen to audio. They are interested in listening to lengthy discussions during the commutes. So, even if the podcast content is substantial, its popularity is increasing.

Does long-form content show better performance?

Marketers have found most blog posts receiving several likes and shares have long-form content. So, if it is a blog post, its length should be a minimum of 1000 words or longer. It will increase the chance of earning more social shares.

From the SEO perspective also, long-form content is highly valuable. Google noticed that pages with more than 1000 words dominate the search results. Although the length of the content is not the only factor for your SEO campaign, you should focus on the word count.

Every content marketing campaign has different goals. Still, the most common aim of the marketing program is to achieve conversations. So, your word count has a significant effect on conversations. Longer pages convert better and faster, as the readers receive more information from the content.

Another advantage of creating long-form content is that it gets views from mobile users.

You might have come across different blogs with shallow content Thus, to differentiate your blog from your competitors’ posts, you must maintain the appropriate length. However, it does not mean you have to add fluff content to reach the word limit. Research-based, informative content is always essential to reach your goal.

Contact King Kong to develop your content that hooks the attention of your target readers. If it is video content, you can decide on the length depending on the platform where you publish. Instagram users do not like to watch long videos. But, YouTube viewers feel interested in longer videos. So, let your marketers decide on the type and length of content for marketing.

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