Creating a Custom cribbage boards: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you tired of playing cribbage with the same old boring board? Why not create your very own custom cribbage board! Not only will it add a unique touch to game night, but it also makes for a great DIY project. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll show you how to make your own custom cribbage boards from scratch. So grab your tools and let’s get started on creating a one-of-a-kind game that everyone will love!

What You’ll Need

Before you start creating your custom cribbage board, it’s important to have all the necessary tools and materials. Here is a list of what you’ll need:

Firstly, you’ll need a piece of wood for the base of your board. It’s recommended that you use a hardwood such as maple or oak, as they are durable and will last longer.

You’ll also need a saw to cut the wood into the desired shape and size. A jigsaw or circular saw will work just fine.

Next on the list is a drill with an appropriate sized bit for drilling holes in the board where pegs will be inserted during gameplay.

To make sure your measurements are accurate when drilling holes, grab a ruler or measuring tape.

For making pegs, get some metal rods and cutting pliers—these can be found at any hardware store along with other supplies like sandpaper for finishing touches!

Finish off your project by staining or painting your new cribbage board! Just make sure to use non-toxic paints if children might play with it too.

Cutting the Board

Cutting the Board is an important step in creating a custom cribbage board. It’s crucial to choose the right size and type of lumber for your project. Some popular choices include maple, oak or cherry wood.

Before cutting, it’s essential to draw out your design on the surface of the board using a pencil and ruler. This will ensure that you have accurate measurements and positions for the holes.

Next, use a table saw or handsaw to cut along the lines of your design. Be sure to wear safety glasses and a dust mask during this process as sawdust can be harmful if inhaled.

After cutting, sand down any rough edges with sandpaper until smooth. This will also help prepare the surface for staining or painting later on.

Remember that precision is key when Cutting the Board as any mistakes made at this stage could affect how well your cribbage game can be played on it. Take your time, measure twice before cutting once and enjoy creating something unique!

Drilling the Holes

Now that you have the cribbage board cut and sanded, it’s time to drill the holes. This is a crucial step in creating your custom cribbage board as the positioning of each hole must be precise for gameplay.

Firstly, measure 1 inch from one end of your board and mark with a pencil. From there, measure every 1/4 inch until you reach 60 marks. These marks will indicate where each hole will be drilled.

To make sure that all holes are uniform in size and depth, use a drill press instead of drilling by hand. Set up a stop block on the press to ensure consistent placement of each hole.

Before drilling begins, clamp down your cribbage board securely onto the drill press table. Start with a small bit size and gradually work your way up to avoid splitting or cracking the wood.

Once all holes have been drilled, sand any rough edges around them using fine-grit sandpaper. You can also use an awl or needle file to clean out any sawdust left behind inside each hole.

Now that you’ve successfully drilled all necessary holes for your custom cribbage board, it’s time for the final steps – making the pegs and finishing touches!

Making the Pegs

One of the most important parts of a cribbage board is, of course, the pegs. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to keep score and enjoy the game properly. Making your own pegs can add a personal touch to your custom cribbage board.

Firstly, choose your material for the pegs. Hardwoods such as oak or maple are ideal choices as they are durable and long-lasting. You will need to cut them into 3-inch pieces before shaping them into tapered cylinders.

Next, use a lathe or sandpaper to shape each piece into its final form. Sand down any rough edges with fine-grit sandpaper until smooth.

You may want to customize your pegs further by adding designs or engravings using wood-burning tools or carving knives.

Finish off each peg with a coat of varnish or sealant that matches the finish on your board. This will provide protection against wear and tear during gameplay while also enhancing their appearance.

By taking care in making your own custom cribbage board’s pegs from scratch instead of buying pre-made ones online allows you to personalize every aspect of this classic game!

Finishing the Board

Once you have completed drilling the holes for your custom cribbage board, it’s time to move on to finishing the board. The finishing process involves sanding and sealing the wood to ensure it looks beautiful and lasts a long time.

Before starting, make sure you have all of the necessary materials such as sandpaper, a clean cloth, and a sealant. Begin by using coarse-grit sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges or imperfections in the wood. Once this is done, switch to fine-grit sandpaper and continue smoothing until your desired texture is achieved.

After sanding, wipe down the board with a clean cloth to remove any dust or debris left over from sanding. Then apply a coat of sealant evenly across the entire surface of the board. Allow this layer to dry before applying additional layers until you reach your desired level of protection.

Choosing which type of sealant can be difficult but consider something that will protect against moisture damage like polyurethane or tung oil.

Finishing touches can be added such as adding felt pads underneath so they don’t scratch surfaces where they are placed. Following these steps will result in an attractive and durable custom cribbage board that can be used for years!


Creating custom cribbage boards is not only a fun project, but it also allows you to have a personalized and unique game board. With the step-by-step guide we provided, you can easily make your own custom cribbage board.

Remember to choose high-quality materials and take your time with each step of the process. Don’t rush through any part of creating your custom cribbage board as this will ensure that your finished product is both beautiful and functional.

Creating something from scratch can be incredibly satisfying, especially when it’s something you’ll use often. Now that you’ve completed making your very own custom cribbage board, gather some friends or family members and enjoy playing this classic game on a special piece made just for you!

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