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Qualcomm and Nvidia have long been fierce competitors in the mobile processor market. But that hasn’t stopped either company from collaborating on some amazing projects – like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile Platform and the Nvidia Titan Xp Graphics Card. In this blog post, we will explore some of the topics of discussion during Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon’s recent interview with ARM Technologies CEO Mike Tibbken. Topics covered include artificial intelligence, 5G and more.

How do you feel about the current state of the smartphone industry?

In interview qualcomm ceo cristiano amon nvidiaarmtibkencnet, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon and Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang spoke at the conference with a lot of interesting insights about their companies. Amon said that Qualcomm is seeing growth in midlevel and low-end smartphones, while Huang said that gaming is the key driver for Nvidia’s business.

Huang also talked about how they’re trying to make Tegra more than just a gaming platform, while Amon discussed the 5G competition. They both agreed that 5G will be a major disruptor for the smartphone industry.

Amon went on to say that Qualcomm is working on a number of new products, including an AI chip and a whopping 90 billion chipsets in 2018. He also mentioned that the company is licensing its technologies rather than selling them outright, which should help it stay competitive in the market.

What are your thoughts on the future of Qualcomm and Nvidia?

Qualcomm and Nvidia are two of the biggest names in the semiconductor industry, and their products are used by many different companies around the world.

Both Qualcomm and Nvidia have seen a lot of growth in recent years, with both companies expecting continued success in the future.

Qualcomm is currently focused on expanding its product lineup and increasing its market share, while Nvidia is busy developing new technologies for virtual reality and autonomous vehicles.

Both companies are looking forward to continued growth in their respective markets, with Qualcomm predicting that smartphone shipments will exceed 220 billion units by 2021.

Nvidia believes that its autonomous vehicle technology has the potential to revolutionize transportation, and it is investing heavily in this area.

What are your plans for Qualcomm in the future?

Qualcomm is looking to expand its presence in the artificial intelligence (AI) market. The company’s president and CEO Cristiano Amon said at the company’s recent investor conference that Qualcomm plans to double its AI investments this year and achieve $5 billion in revenue by 2021.

Amon also said that Qualcomm will work with Google, Facebook, and other technology companies on developing new AI applications. By doing this, Amon believes that Qualcomm can help accelerate the development of AI technology.

This move comes as no surprise given Qualcomm’s history in the mobile industry. The company has been pioneers in developing technologies such as LTE and 4G LTE, which have helped make mobile devices more widely available around the world. As AI becomes more important, it’s likely that we’ll see more advancements from Qualcomm in this area.

Do you see any potential challenges or risks that Qualcomm or Nvidia may face in the near future?

Qualcomm and Nvidia are two of the most well-known companies in the world when it comes to technology. They both bring a lot to the table, with their respective strengths in processors, GPUs, and ARM boards. However, there are always risks that can come up for these companies, and here are three examples:

1) Competition from Apple and Samsung: Both Qualcomm and Nvidia face competition from Apple and Samsung in the mobile market. These companies have been able to build large empires by creating cutting-edge mobile devices that offer great performance. This is something that Qualcomm and Nvidia will need to watch out for if they want to keep their market share.

2) Falling prices of components: The prices of components have been falling recently, which means that Qualcomm and Nvidia may not be as profitable as they used to be. They’ll need to make sure that they’re able to keep up with this trend or else their business could suffer.

3) Economic woes: If the global economy takes a turn for the worse, it could have a negative impact on both Qualcomm and Nvidia’s profits. They’ll need to make sure that they’re prepared for any potential changes in the market if this happens.

What advice would you have for other companies looking to expand their businesses into new markets?

If you’re thinking of expanding your company’s reach into new markets, here are some tips from Qualcomm’s CEO Cristiano Amon and Nvidia’s President Jen-Hsun Huang:

  1. Get familiar with the local market: Before you invest in a new market, it’s important to understand the local platform and ecosystem. “It is essential to have a deep understanding of what’s going on in the country or region that you’re targeting,” says Amon. “This means understanding the technology landscape, the key players, and the regulation environment.”
  2. Foster innovation: In order to compete in new markets, companies need to foster innovation. “One of our core principles is that we help people innovate—so if you think about somebody who has really been able to take advantage of mobile devices and touch screens, we can provide IP cores that they can use,” says Huang.
  3. Build relationships: It’s not enough to just enter a market; you also need to build strong relationships with key players and support their growth. “It’s very important for us to be there for them as they scale up their businesses.”

Recent Developments in Qualcomm Technologies

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTL) announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies Finland Ltd., has been selected by Nokia Corporation as the exclusive provider of mobile broadband modems for the Nokia smartphones and tablets. The contract is worth approximately €250 million over five years and will see QTL supplying LTE modems for Nokia’s devices in more than 190 countries.

“This agreement underscores our position as a leading supplier of innovative mobile broadband solutions to the global smartphone market,” said Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm Technologies. “We are committed to providing our customers with world-class technology and support that meets their needs.”

QTL’s LTE modems are designed to provide superior performance and network reliability for Nokia devices. Additionally, QTL offers a wide range of customization options for OEMs, offering an optimal solution for each device.

Nvidia Arm Technologies

Qualcomm’s Cristiano Amon discussed Nvidia Arm Technologies during his keynote speech at the Hot Chips conference. Amon described Nvidia Arm as a next-generation platform that is designed to deliver “unparalleled artificial intelligence performance.” He also mentioned that Nvidia Arm can handle workloads up to 10 times faster than traditional processors.

Amon went on to say that Nvidia Arm is designed for mobile devices, automotive and industrial applications. He added that the platform will be available in the second half of this year.

Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm

In interview qualcomm ceo cristiano amon nvidiaarmtibkencnet discussed the latest in mobile technology and the rivalry between his company and Nvidia during an interview with ARM TechNet. Amon said that Qualcomm is focused on continuing to improve its Snapdragon processors while also keeping up with Nvidia’s Tegra processor line. Amon also commented on rumors that Qualcomm might be looking to sell itself, saying that he couldn’t confirm or deny the reports.

Tibkencnet: A Leader in Artificial Intelligence

Tibkencnet is a leader in artificial intelligence, with over a thousand employees working on projects across three continents. We’re constantly expanding our reach and impact, and our products are used by some of the world’s largest companies.

Our team has a strong track record of delivering innovative AI solutions. We’ve created successful projects for clients such as Yahoo!, Nvidia, and Deutsche Bank. Our platform enables organizations to quickly deploy AI models and applications, making us a key player in the burgeoning field of cognitive computing.

We’re excited about the future and what we can do to help make people’s lives better. If you’d like to learn more about Tibkencnet or how we can support your business goals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon and Nvidia Arm Talent Builder Nicholas KencNET spoke about the current state of the mobile industry and what we can expect from Qualcomm and Nvidia in the near future. Topics discussed included 5G, AI, VR/AR, and gaming. As always, be sure to stay tuned to our website as new articles are released all the time that will help you with your career!

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