Publix Custom Cakes: How To Order One And What To Expect

Are you looking for unique and memorable cake? Look no further than Publix Custom Cakes! Publix Custom Cakes is the perfect way to celebrate any special occasion, from birthdays to weddings to simply getting together with friends. And ordering one online is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Here are some tips on ordering a Publix Custom Cake and what to expect:

What is a Publix Custom Cake?

Looking for a unique cake to celebrate a special occasion? Publix has you covered! We offer custom cakes that can be made in any flavor or design you desire. Here are some tips on ordering one and what to expect:

To order a custom cake from Publix, start by browsing our dessert menu. You’ll see dozens of options for specialty cakes, including some that are perfect for special events like birthdays or weddings. Once you’ve selected the cake you want, scroll down to bottom of page and select “Create Your Custom Cake.”

You’ll be asked to provide information such as your name, event date, and flavors choice. From there, we’ll work with you to create a uniquely personalized cake. We recommend reviewing our design gallery so that you have an idea of what options are available to you.

Once your order is placed, please allow up to two weeks for delivery. We hope that you enjoy your custom cake as much as we do!

How to Order a Publix Custom Cake

Looking for a unique birthday or anniversary gift? Look no further than Publix! Their Custom Cake program is available to order any time of year and can accommodate just about any request. Here is everything that you need to know about ordering a Publix Custom Cake:

What is the Custom Cake program?

The Custom Cake program at Publix allows customers to order custom cakes unavailable on the regular cake menu. These cakes are made specifically for customers, often incorporating their favorite flavor or theme. What can I order?
Custom cakes can be ordered in a variety of flavors, including birthday cake, chocolate cake, wedding cake, and more. What is the cost?
The cost of a custom cake varies depending on the type of cake and the design requested. Most cakes range from $30-$50. How do I order?
To order a custom cake through Publix, customers must go to the store’s bakery section and search for “Custom Cakes.” From here, they will be able to view all the different flavors and designs currently available. Once they have chosen their desired cake, they will need to provide basic information such as the flavor and design preferences. They will also need to provide an estimated delivery date if they would like their cake delivered in advance. Can I customize my cake?
While customers can choose from various pre-made designs, some customization may be possible depending on the specific cake requested.

What To Expect When You Order A Publix Custom Cake

When you order a Publix Custom Cake, you’ll need to provide the bakery with key details. First, decide what type of cake you want – birthday, carrot, chocolate, etc. Then, indicate whether you want it decorated with letters or writing. Finally, tell the bakery what flavor icing and filling you’d like – chocolate frosting and peanut butter filling are common choices. Once your information is gathered, the bakery will begin preparing your cake according to your specifications. The cake may take several hours to complete, so please be patient! When it’s ready, the bakery will bring it out to your table adorned with candles and birthday party decorations. Have fun celebrating your special occasion with a delicious Publix Custom Cake!


If you’re looking to order a custom cake from Publix, there are a few things to keep in mind. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about ordering a publix custom cakes, including what to expect when placing your order. We hope this guide has helped make the process easier for you and that you have a wonderful experience when ordering your next custom cake from Publix!

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