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Qualcomm, the world’s leading mobile chip maker, has a long and storied history – one that can be traced back to its founding in 1985. But what is the story behind this tech titan? That’s where Amon Nuvianelli comes in. Amon Nuvianelli is an engineer who was instrumental in developing Qualcomm’s groundbreaking technology and laying the groundwork for its success. In this blog post, we will explore his contributions to the company, from his pioneering work on digital signal processing to his role as CTO of Qualcomm. We’ll also discuss how his legacy continues to shape the future of Qualcomm and the entire mobile industry.

Who is qualcomm?

Qualcomm is a world leader in 3G, 4G, and next-generation wireless technologies. Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of digital communications, linking people everywhere more closely to information, entertainment and each other.

Qualcomm was founded in 1985 by Dr. Irwin M. Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi. Drs. Jacobs and Viterbi had a vision of qualitatively improving the way people lived, worked and communicated by inventing new wireless technologies that would connect humanity in ways never before possible. In the three decades since, Qualcomm has grown from seven original employees to approximately 33,000 people worldwide who work together to continue delivering on our founders’ vision every day.

We are engineers, developers, scientists and businesspeople who believe mobile technology can enhance the human experience even as it simplifies our lives. We work to continually push the boundaries of what’s possible so that people can stay connected anytime, anywhere.

Our technology has been used in everything from connecting soldiers on the battlefield to enabling remote medical care; from providing developing nations with much needed connectivity to helping first responders save lives; from tracking endangered animals to improving traffic safety; and so much more.

What is the story behind Qualcomm?

Qualcomm Inc is an American multinational company that designs and markets wireless telecommunications products and services.

The company was founded in 1985 by seven individuals who worked together at Linkabit, a San Diego telecommunications company owned by MIT graduate Andrew Viterbi. The team’s goal was to develop digital wireless technology for use in cellular telephone networks. In 1991, Qualcomm released the world’s first CMDA digital cell phone.

Since then, Qualcomm has become one of the leading developers of wireless technologies, shipping over four billion chipsets used in a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, cars, and more. The company also licenses its patents to other companies who use them to develop their own products.

Qualcomm is headquartered in San Diego, California and employs over 34,000 people worldwide.

Who is Amon Nuvianellis?

Amon Nuvianellis is a Director at Qualcomm Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Qualcomm Incorporated. He focuses on investments in early-stage companies developing new technologies and business models in the mobile ecosystem.

Amon has over 15 years of experience in the wireless industry, including stints at startups, operators, and equipment vendors. He was an early member of the team that built and launched Boost Mobile, a pioneer in the no-contract prepaid space. Amon also held leadership roles at Nextel Communications and Motorola, where he managed product development for some of the world’s first 3G data products. more recently, Amon worked with early-stage companies as an angel investor and advisor before joining Qualcomm Ventures in 2012.

Amon earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

What is Qualcomm’s mission statement?

“To connect the world, we keep inventing to stay ahead. We put our minds together to solve big problems and make life better for people everywhere.”

What are Qualcomm’s products and services?

Qualcomm is a company that designs, manufactures, and markets digital communication products and services. Its products and services include wireless data solutions, mobile devices, and services for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Qualcomm’s products and services are designed to enable people to connect to the Internet, regardless of location. The company’s products and services are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, healthcare, education, and retail.

Qualcomm’s products and services are available in more than 150 countries. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

How has Qualcomm changed over the years?

Qualcomm has come a long way since it was founded in 1985. The company has changed its focus from providing wireless communications solutions to becoming a leading provider of mobile chipset technology. In the early years, Qualcomm was known for its CDMA technology, which was used by major wireless carriers such as Verizon and Sprint. However, Qualcomm has since diversified its product portfolio to include a wide range of mobile chipsets that are used in everything from smartphones to connected cars.

One of the biggest changes at Qualcomm has been its move into the world of 5G. The company is currently one of the leading providers of 5G chipsets and is working with major carriers around the world to deploy 5G networks. Qualcomm is also working on developing new technologies that will enable even faster speeds and lower latency for 5G networks.


Qualcomm’s story is an inspiring one. In this article we read about qualcomm amon nuvianellisreuters. From its humble origins as a small startup to becoming a global leader in mobile technology, the company has come a long way since it was founded by Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi in 1985. It continues to innovate and make products that are not only reliable but also cost-effective for consumers around the world. Qualcomm Amon NuvianellisReuters has been at the forefront of this innovation, helping push towards 5G technology while making sure their products remain accessible for everyone regardless of location or budget.

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