What is the ASO and why is it important for Digital Marketing?

The ASO is the process of SEO for mobile applications, which means that it is the central element for the success of any app.

Applications also fall under digital marketing, since they help boost your brand positioning, attract new customers, and improve the user experience.

Explaining what is ASO.

Actually, ASO is the acronym for App Store Optimization, which in Spanish would be Application Store Optimization, basically it is the SEO that must be applied within Google Play, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store, among other mobile application marketplaces.

What is the main objective of the ASO?

Just like in traditional SEO, the goal of app optimization is to get your app to rank at the top of searches for a certain category, thus attracting lots of organic downloads.

The real problem is that achieving a privileged position within the search ranking is not an easy task, since it involves a wide number of variables, both within the app store and outside of it.

In addition, by focusing mainly on organic positioning, its results are seen in the medium to long term and requires keeping up with the updates of the algorithms of each Marketplace.

In short, it is a constant process of monitoring kpis, a good job by the customer service team and a decrease in the CRO (Conversion Optimization Ratio) that goes hand in hand with the CAC.

Most influential metrics for the ASO.

As in any optimization process, there are variables or metrics that are usually more critical than others when it comes to ensuring better positioning. Here we name the most important within almost all app stores:

Number of downloads:

The traffic your app receives is the most critical factor within an app store. This is calculated by measuring the ratio between visits and number of downloads that would be the CRO, therefore you must ensure a constant flow of users to your app.

But what if my app is new? The first downloads are very important so that your application does not die before it is born, for this reason it is necessary that you invest in digital advertising , pay for a SEM campaign and even contact influencers within the sector.

The idea is to create a mega launch, with an optimized landing page, an excellent social media strategy and a 360° vision of your content marketing strategy; at least in the short to medium term.


Talking about momentum is talking about strategies that have kept download levels stable for at least the last 30 days. The apps that make it to the favorites list are those downloaded by a constant and steady stream of interested users.

The idea is that your app does not lose its validity, which is why it is so important to make a good ASO so as not to depend on paid campaigns that create peaks of hope, but when they are removed, traffic and downloads disappear.

Frequencies and forms of use:

This is where technical support should shine, the life of the app depends on the comments or reviews left by users, and these are the input to continue growing and improving in the long term.

To take advantage of customer feedback, you should worry about knowing how much they use your application and what are the elements they use the most, in order to enhance them and gradually eliminate those that no one would miss.

Main advantages of application optimization.

The main objectives that the ASO helps you achieve are the following:

  • Reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC) because each download translates into a conversion and the entry of a new prospect to your conversion funnel.
  • The leads obtained are considered from the beginning as qualified, either for the marketing department or for sales. But this can only be achieved if an adequate keyword research has been carried out for the positioning of the app.
  • It allows you to occupy the first places within a category that is truly representative of the brand and the product it offers. Why is this important? Because it directly influences the quality of your content, giving you credibility and authority within the sector.
  • Position your brand within the market, which opens up the possibilities of new business, a better image within Digital PR and allows you to promote branded content.

Summary of the post and FAQ about ASO:

What is ASO?

ASO is the acronym in English for App Store Optimization or Optimization of Application Stores in Spanish. These are the SEO strategies that must be applied within the app stores so that an application obtains traffic and organic downloads constantly.

What are the categories by which an app can be optimized?

There are 5 types of categories for which an application store optimization (ASO) can be performed. These categories define the sector where your app will compete.

  • Branding: Consists of various product catalogs or information focused on brand values. Here we do not seek to sell, but to position the brand in the minds of customers.
  • Leisure: Applications that seek to entertain the user to have a fun time.
  • Sale: It is the simplest option, because it only consists of facilitating the purchase process for the user who makes the transaction from their mobile device.
  • Product: When the app is the product itself, the objective is to generate a good user experience and enrich customer databases, which increases its value.
  • Tool: Basically, these are apps that offer solutions to a user problem, such as the scan app to scan documents with the phone.


As you can see, the ASO is a mandatory strategy within the world of app stores, although it is also an excellent support component for your other digital marketing strategies.

In simple words, marketing for mobile devices has been exploding worldwide and the Covid-19 pandemic increased this interaction of brands and customers through the smartphone.

An application is a simple and practical tool to further increase the presence of your brand on mobile devices, it helps to improve the user experience and it is the simplest way to capture leads.

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