What to look for in mexicobased 20m series anthemis startupsann azevedotechcrunch

Mexico mexicobased 20m series anthemis startupsann azevedotechcrunch is quickly becoming a hub of innovation and technology startups. With the growth of venture capital, talent, and international tech companies investing in the region, Mexico is now home to some of the most promising new start-ups in Latin America. One such startup is Azevedotech, a Series A startup backed by Anthemis Group that recently raised $20 million to finance their mission. But what exactly should investors be looking for when considering investing in Mexican startups? In this blog article, we’ll explore three key factors to consider when assessing Mexico-based startups like Azevedotech: team composition, market opportunity, and competitive landscape.

Mexico’s startup ecosystem

Mexico is home to a thriving startup ecosystem. In recent years, the country has seen a surge in the number of startups, with many of them based in the capital, Mexico City. These startups are attracted by the city’s large pool of talented workers, its proximity to the US market, and its growing reputation as a hub for tech innovation.

Today, there are over 1,000 startups in Mexico City alone, and they are attracting increasing amounts of investment. In 2018, Mexican startups raised a record $1.1 billion in venture capital funding, more than double the amount raised in 2017. And 2019 is on track to be another banner year, with over $600 million raised so far.

What makes Mexico’s startup ecosystem so attractive? Here are some key factors:

* A large and growing pool of talented workers: Mexico has a population of over 120 million people, many of whom are young and highly educated. The country also has a growing number of universities producing top-notch engineers and other professionals.

* Proximity to the US market: Mexico is just a short plane ride away from the United States, making it easy for startups to target this important market.

* A growing reputation as a hub for tech innovation: In recent years, Mexico City has earned a reputation as a hotbed for tech innovation. This is thanks in part to initiatives likeStartup México, which is fostering the growth of the startup ecosystem.

What makes a good Mexican startup?

When looking for a good Mexican startup, it is important to consider the following factors:

1. The team behind the startup. Make sure that the team is composed of experienced and passionate individuals who are committed to making the startup a success.

2. The market opportunity that the startup is addressing. Is there a large and growing market for the product or service that the startup offers?

3. The competitive landscape. What other startups are operating in the same space? How does the Mexican startup compare?

4. The business model. Does the startup have a sustainable and profitable business model?

5. The financials. Make sure to review the financials of the startup carefully before investing.

20Mexican startups to watch in 2020

In 2020, there are a few Mexican startups that are worth keeping an eye on. These companies are innovating in a variety of industries, from healthcare to technology.

One company that is making waves in the healthcare industry is Azevedo. This startup has developed a platform that helps doctors and patients alike to better manage chronic diseases. The company is already making a positive impact in Mexico, and it is expected to continue growing in the coming year.

Another Mexican startup that is worth watching is TechCrunch. This company provides a cutting-edge online platform for tech news and analysis. In addition to its impressive website, TechCrunch also has an active presence on social media, where it regularly shares breaking news and insights about the tech industry.

Last but not least, Anthemis is a Mexican startup that is shaking up the online retail space. The company offers a unique shopping experience that combines the best of online and offline shopping. Anthemis is quickly gaining popularity with shoppers in Mexico, and it is expected to continue expanding its reach in 2020.


When evaluating MX-based Anthemis Series 20M startups, there are a number of important factors to consider. Successful startups often benefit from having a strong team that shares the same vision and values, access to capital, operational scalability and customer traction. Additionally, it is essential for startups in the Mexican market to have an understanding of the local landscape and regulations in order to maximize their chances of success. Ultimately, investing in Mexican tech companies can yield high returns but requires careful due diligence and analysis.

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