The best ways how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox series s

If we ask you about how you can make the most of your Bluetooth headphones, what would your answer be? You would tell us that you use your headphones to watch movies, and series and listen to music. But have you ever given your headphones a try in your gaming sessions? If not, then you definitely should have a try. Bluetooth headphones can be connected to your gaming devices and in this blog, particularly, we will be telling you all about how to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox series s and it is going to be a really helpful blog for all those who own an Xbox series s but unable to connect their Bluetooth headphones to it.

Can you connect your Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox series s?

Let us first answer the most asked question: whether it is possible to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox series s or not? Hell yes! You can and without any difficulty. Some people do not know how to connect their both devices, there could be two reasons for that.

First, they do not have enough knowledge about how to do so, second, they do not have good-quality headphones.

For that, you just need to understand a basic protocol that we will be sharing below.

What are the ways to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox series s?

  • Press on the Bluetooth option on the Xbox series s till it flashes indicating the turning on of the Bluetooth. After that, keep your headphones on and wait till the indicator stops flashing. This means that now both devices are connected and ready to use. 
  • If you own Bluetooth headphones with a microphone attached to them, then keep the mic on during the pairing of two devices. You will be able to use the mic while gaming. 
  • Once paired up and connected, you can enjoy doing your activity i.e. gaming without any disruption. There is no need to pair them up after one round of the game. 
  • Sometimes, if your Bluetooth headphones are unable to connect to the Xbox series s, you can use an adapter to fix this problem.

What are the possible problems that might arise in the Bluetooth connection of headphones with the Xbox series s?

  • Sometimes, it happens that your headphones lose the connection with the Xbox series s and that should be noticed.
  • Other than that, you should always keep an eye on the charging of your Bluetooth headphones because if they run out of charging that will cause the disconnection of both devices from each other.

The Bluetooth headphones that you purchase from Soundcore have the easiest connection methods to the Xbox series s. So, for beginners, it is highly recommended to get their first Bluetooth headphones from there for a better experience.

Wrap up:

We think this will be more than enough for you all to know about how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox series s. If you are new to using the Xbox series s and do not know how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to it, you can simply use the above-mentioned method. Once you practice it yourself, you will become a pro at it.

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